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Limited Edition Bikinis and unique sexy swimsuits.

Unique limited edition bikini fabrics and swimwear designs. Want to stand out in a crowd? The odds will be in your favor with a limited edition swimsuit from Suits You Sexy Swimwear. Most of these fabrics are no longer available, so get them while supplies last!

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Free shipping on orders over $99
Double Strap Bikini, Navy Blue with Gold trim
Unique TOP and BOTTOM with double strings. Cleavage strings slide too!
Price: $88.00
Flame Bikini, Mesh Flame Fabric with black trim
Perfect for Biker events! Bike Week! Sturgis Rally! Car Shows too!
Price: $68.00
Patchwork Bikini with scrunch butterfly bottom, orange trim
Unique Fabric and color combination! Great price too!
Price: $58.00
Gold Flame Bikini with gold trim, tie-sides
Unique Ivory / Gold Flame fabric, scrunch butterfly bikini.
Price: $68.00
Sexy Studded Starburst Scrunch Bikini, red fabric
Truly unique and limited edition, beautiful studded starbursts on top.
Price: $78.00
Baby Yellow Scrunch Butterfly Bikini with Aqua Trim
Unique Textured fabric, cute color combination too!
Price: $58.00
Bright Orange Scrunch Butterfly Bikini, Limited Edition
Great Deal! Unique color combination, get one while you can!
Price: $58.00
Stars Swimsuit, Blue with White Stars, scrunch butterfly
Cute Patriotic Swimsuit, Limited Edition, get it while you can!
Price: $58.00